2017 Training Programme

March 11th - 12th: Safety Boat Training It is not a certified course, but will cover the skills and background knowledge needed in the Patrol boats at HPYC. We will focus on the roles of Safety Boat Crew and Safety Boat Helm, and the skills required - launching and recovery, equipment, boat handling, laying/recovering a mark, man overboard and towing.

April 29th - 30th: Training Weekend The idea of this course is for existing HPYC members to have the opportunity to get in some structured training at the beginning of the season. This will hopefully encourage members to participate in the coming sailing season at the Club.

May 27th - 28th: Training Weekend The April course is repeated for those members who did not get opportunity to get on to the earlier course, or for new members who join in 2017. 

General Sailing This is an opportunity for any member to take to the water with a patrol boat present. It is also an opportunity to practise and improve skills. There is no formal structure, but Safety Boat cover is dutied in. Our objective is to have a Sailing Instructor attend these sessions to give any advice or support needed, to sailors young and old. The General Sailing dates for 2017 are:
8th April, 22nd April, 6th May, 24th June, 5th August, 2nd September,16th September and 7th October

Club boats – We have a number of boats available to members for use during training activities and for hire during race days. Every effort is made to maintain these boats to good standards and they provide a useful range of craft for different skills and abilities. Our current boats are:
Toppers x 4
  Small single handed boats – ideal for children and youngsters and for adults who want to take their children afloat
Leader  A simple boat designed for sailing with two people, but spacious enough for use by up to three or four adults.
RS Vision x 2 A modern and quite powerful boat designed for sailing with two people, but spacious enough for use by up to four adults.


Hampton Pier Yacht Club, Spa Esplanade, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 8EP