Membership Fees

The 2024 prices are below. Please note that there is no joining fee.

Adequate personal buoyancy must be worn whilst participating in all club events and safety boat duties.

Sailing Membership

Sailing members have voting rights and are expected to undertake sailing duties.

Family (incl children aged 8-21) £203
Partners (incl children 0-7) £176
Single (over 21) £154
Junior (16-21 or Under 25 in Full-Time Education) £68
Cadet (up to 16) £41

  For novice and intermediate sailors, the Club runs free training over the season based on the RYA level 2 course.

Social and "Non-Sailing" Membership

Social members don't have voting rights and are not expected to perform sailing duties, otherwise the rights and expectations are the same as for sailing memberships.

Those wishing to join the Club and use it as a base for activities such as kayaking and open water swimming should apply to join under this category.

Family (incl children aged 8-21) £85
Partners (incl children 0-7) £74
Single (over 21) £61

  The Club only permits the use of non-powered water craft and reserves the right to restrict some types. Kayaks, Canoes and Paddleboards are all permitted. Contact us if unsure.

Boat Parking, Sail Locker and other charges

Beach Park per boat £54
Grass Bank per boat £41
Sail Locker space per boat £20

  Boat parking and sail storage is only available with a sailing membership. Space is subject to availability and not guaranteed. The Club reserves the right to reallocate parking or move boats as it deems necessary.

Discounted Fees

If joining part way through the season the following discounts apply

Date Discount
July 50%
August 60%
September 70%
October and later 80%

  This applies just to the annual membership fee and is only available to new members. Other fees, such as boat parking, are at the full rate.