HPYC was founded to promote dinghy racing and this remains a key part of our Sailing Calendar. Our racing is competitive but friendly and we aim to make it easy for novice sailors to join in with the racing. To help with this, we have structured our training to include plenty of race training

  • Training on race rules
  • Additional briefing sessions before races for novices
  • "Fleet Captains" to help improve racing skills

All racing is governed by the Club's Sailing Instructions.

  All advertised start times are the race start time, the on-water time for general sailing, or departure time for cruises. Therefore you need to arrive ideally an hour before the start time and don't forget you must sign in at least 45 minutes before the start (this rule is relaxed for twilight races). The horn is sounded as a reminder. If you see TBA as the start time in the Sailing Programme you should see this is the 2nd event of the day - in this situation the Race Officer will make the decision of the actual start time.

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Series Racing

HPYC traditionally runs 5 series of racing: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Evening and Twilight, additionally there will be Novice Series to be raced at the same time as the Summer series. There are typically 5 races in each Series. Not all the races in each series are counted for the final standings, a proportion of the races are discarded to allow for duties, bad weather days etc. and makes for a fairer system.

Cup Racing

There are a number of celebrated trophies in the Club, and each year we race for them! These are single events, but may actually be multiple races on the day. This is a great opportunity to race if you do not commit to racing for a full series.

Race Results and Handicapping

Preliminary race results are posted on the notice board after the race. Finalised results will be 'HalSail'. To view these, use the "Race Results" link above, and it will open at the series that has most recently had a result entered. From here you can navigate to all of the Club results using the dropdown menus.

  • Select the fleet you race in i.e. Fast, medium or Slow
  • Select the Series or Cup Race that you want to see the results for.