Sailing Duties

The Club is run by the members for the benefit of the members. We do all we can ourselves, and like most clubs we rely on volunteers and everyone doing their bit.

Sailing members are expected to undertake sailing duties during the season. The duties can vary according to your skills and ability. The common duties are:

  • Safety Boat Helm - "Prepare, launch, skipper, recover and store the safety boat": For this duty you must have a PowerBoat 2 certification and also be familiar with the conditions at Hampton Pier.
  • Safety Boat Crew - "Assist the Helm, lay and recover course markers, assist any sailors in trouble": We run several session each season that covers the basic skills required, such as throwing a rescue line.
  • Race Officer(RO) - "Lay the course, brief sailors, overall responsibility for running the race": This role is only suitable for experienced sailors.
  • Assistant Race Officer(ARO) - "Assist in running the race, record boat timings ": This role doesn't require specific skills and is a good way of learning more about racing.
  • Officer of the Day(OOD) - "Open and close the Clubhouse making sure all is clean, tidy and secure": For this role you must be a keyholder, which is restricted to the GMC and a small number of long-term members approved by the GMC.

OOD Duties


We use DutyMan to organise the sailing duty Roster. All sailing members will been enrolled in system and be sent an email with a user ID along with a user guide.

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