Club Documents

The documents used to run and manage the Club all in one place.


  • Membership Form [new applications and renewals] View Doc
More information is on the Joining and Renewal Page. Current fees are here.


Safety on the water and on land is important for everyone.

  • Medical Form (adult) [recommended but not mandatory] View Doc
  • Medical Form (child) [recommended but not mandatory] View Doc
  • Safety Boat Checks [checklist for the crew] View Doc
  • Use of the Winch View Doc

Sailing Duties


  • Sailing Instructions View Doc
  • Using Club Boats [rules and booking form] View Doc
  • Free Sailing Guide [sailing without a safety boat] View Doc
  • HPYC Training Syllabus [based on RYA Level 2] View Doc
  • HPYC PY Notice [Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) ratings] View Doc
  • Duty Man Guide View Doc
  • Windguru Guide View Doc

Rules and Policies

The Club is run according to Rules and Byelaws agreed by the membership. These can only be changed by agreement at a Club meeting. View Doc

We also have policies covering:

There is more information on Safeguarding on the Safeguarding page